“Health is Wealth”. We provide a variety of culinary services focusing on plant based healthy options. We strive to provide the freshest food possible with clean and simple ingredients. Although we are plant heavy, no one is left behind. We serve chef inspired and creative meals.


Khaliq Edwards

“As a vegan and former pescatarian chef, my style is fresh, unique and limitless.”

Born in the North East, the Caribbean inspired and trained in the South. Chef Khaliq is a 2007 Le Cordon Bleu graduate with over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry. Skilled in many cuisines and focuses on fresh ingredients. Passionate about healthy food and believes “health is wealth”.

“I started, like many other chefs, by watching my Mom and Grandmother in the kitchen. I decided to go a step further and unlearn many of the harmful ingredients commonly used in many of our favorite cuisines and replace them with simple clean ingredients. This was an important step towards making my cuisine not only familiar but good for you as well.”



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